At Easter we drink wine

The biblical Easter story is internationally known, but we did some research and found out some unexpected facts for you.
What is obvious to most people – a good sip of wine goes well with a festive Easter feast – is even a tradition.
Did you know that wine is the symbol of promise and resurrection in Christian culture? It is therefore traditional to toast with wine on Easter Sunday! Even if Easter is no longer celebrated as an exclusively Christian festival, but often as a kind of “start into spring” – we don’t miss the opportunity and come across the first warm days, good food and a nice time with our friends loved ones.

If you have been fasting: The sense of taste is always more sensitive after weaning and therefore experiences tastes in a completely new way after weaning. This is how your glass of wine becomes a special experience.

Here are the links to our recommendations for your Easter table:
Marques de Murrieta – Ygay Reserve Special
Krug – Grande Cuvée 168ème Edition

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