The history of Château Palmer

The beginning of the infamous chateau was made: Château Palmer. Every connoisseur already knows that this name speaks for itself. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Palmer was a notorious womanizer and the winery also had its origins with a conquest. During a long journey from Bordeaux to Paris, sitting next to him, the young widow sells him the Médoc winery, which she has just inherited.
A gift from heaven.
The property has been known for the quality of its wines since the beginning of the eighteenth century. For almost 30 years, the lord worked to enlarge, modernize and gave it a timeless style.

Today, the winery bears his name: Château Palmer.

By the mid-nineteenth century, the Pereire brothers were known for their empire in industry. Émile and Isaac Pereire, who were based in Paris, weren´t satisfied with their success in the industry only. Their dream for more came true – in 1853 they owned the Château Palmer estate. The two renovated the Neo-Renaissance castle in no time, transforming it into a place of work and enjoyment. Blessed by luck, the winery was not a victim of mildew, phylloxera or late blight that raged at the end of the nineteenth century. Not even the First World War destroyed the great property and winery.

The Dutch Mähler-Besse family, which had established itself in the textile and wine trade, and the Sichel family, specialising in England, France and Germany, also had a great influence in the history of the distribution of Grands Crus. Together, their descendants rebuilt the vineyard after the war.
Today, the winery is not only known for the award-winning, top wines, but is also a true “eye-catcher” in the most beautiful Medoc. The main building is a true castle with turrets on every corner.

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