Jasper Morris: Inside Burgundy

Today we give an insight in the life of the great wine connoisseur and Burgundy lover: Jasper Morris. In 1979 he began to pursue his passion and work in the field of wine. Soon his company was one of the leading Burgundy importers in the UK. He sold his company to Berry Bros & Rudd, but remained as a director and buyer until he retired.
Since 1985, Jasper Morris has been a member of the elite association “Master of Wine”. Morris and his sister Woodrow studied for the test tigether and are now the only sibling couple in the association. In 2010, Jasper Morris´ book “Inside Burgundy” was published for the first time. The latest edition of it has been released September this year and is now available at Wine in Time.
Since his retirement, Jasper Morris has dedicated his time, to his passion: Burgundy. On his website he gives information as an expert and critics about the topics around Burgund. His book “Inside Burgundy” is the perfect work to learn and look up everything about Burgundy. Each subject area is explained in the “Burgundy Bible” of modern times.

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